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Love in Action Week

In preparation for Valentine's Day tomorrow, our high school students have been participating in Love in Action Week, 5 days dedicated to love.

On Monday, students, teachers, and friends of NDA donated blood to the New York Blood Center to help save lives. Tuesday was love your neighbor and the students learned about inclusivity and awareness of everyday obstacles experienced by those who may be perceived as different.

Yesterday was love your country and in social studies classes, each student was encouraged to write about issues that were important to her. Today, the school will dissuade students from purchasing plastic water bottles and promote the use of reusable water bottles to help save the earth!

Some other activities included the American Sign Language Club teaching the Kindergarten class how to sign "I love", god, cats, dogs, mom, dad, friends, teachers, and more.

The festivities will continue tomorrow for I đź’š NDA day as the students show their gratitude and love to their school!