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A Message from the President, March 23, 2020

Last week Notre Dame Academy began education online for all students, from our “Toddlin’ Twos” to seniors in high school. Although we never imagined a world like this, we are so proud of our students, faculty and staff who made this transition seamless. To our NDA girls, YOU ARE AMAZING! Your positive attitudes prove once again that you are women of courage and conviction. Together we will weather this storm and find out we are stronger for it. To our incredible faculty and staff THANK YOU! Your commitment to the Notre Dame community and well being of our students and their families is unwavering. To our parents, caregivers, and families, thank you for partnering with us, entrusting your daughters to Notre Dame Academy, and continuing to encourage and help your daughters transition to this new way of learning. Many of you have had to become a teacher overnight, so BRAVO, and thank you again for working with faculty members to ease this transition for your daughters. We are in this together.