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Profile of Graduate

Notre Dame Academy High School
Graduate Profile

A Woman of the Gospel

  • believes that God has an active role in the world around her
  • values Catholic and other spiritual traditions
  • believes that her talents and intellect are a gift from God and that she is an agent of her own transformation
  • believes in the innate dignity of all persons
  • demonstrates her values through her commitment to community service
  • respects economic, political, ethnic, and social diversity, which enables her to live her Visitation Spirituality compassionately
  • takes a contemplative, prayerful stance towards her actions
  • develops her own spirituality, personally and within her faith community

A Woman of Academic Excellence

  • has a strong liberal arts foundation
  • excels and is confident in her communication and technological skills
  • thinks critically by evaluating information, analyzing data and projecting outcomes
  • makes connections among various disciplines and transfers what is learned in school to life experiences
  • is committed to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge

A Woman of Courage and Conviction

  • persists in reaching her goals
  • practices integrity in all aspects of her life
  • pursues holistic health through the integration of her mind, body and spirit
  • practices accountability and accepts responsibility for the consequences of her actions
  • values herself and is able to overcome destructive myths about being a woman
  • is committed to constructive resolution of conflict situations: locally, nationally, and globally

A Woman of Transforming Leadership

  • dedicates herself to having a positive impact on the world and its future
  • exercises leadership in a collaborative style
  • approaches all relationships as an opportunity for transformation and growth
  • exercises her civic responsibilities through democratic processes
  • roots herself in Gospel values on behalf of nonviolence
Photo Credit: SI Advance / Shira Stoll